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Sorting storage bins in super shockproof resins, mainly to be used for small articles of all kind.
'Alfa Mec 12-40' and 'Alfa Mec 24-40' have optimum dimensions, emphasized handling qualities
and flexibility of use.
Complete with extractable dividers and with label slot.
The casing, also super shockproof resin, can hold two 'Alfa Mec12-40' storage bins or one 'Alfa Mec
24-40' bin according to requirements. Provided with side groovers, it also allows combination of
'Alfa Mec'.  

The beta patented chest of drawers is composed by a band and three drawers.
Colours:black(the band) and green(drawers and international partitions).
Black cover on demand.

Composed by a transparent drawer and green casing,'TV'version, or by a green drawer and black casing,'VN'version. Self composable by side hooks.
Each container is equipped with a front label holder.
The drawers may be drawn out and stacked one on top of another.